Christina Anstead Claps Back At Trolls Telling Her She's Too Skinny And 'Needs To Eat!'

Christina Anstead Claps Back At Trolls Telling Her She's Too Skinny And 'Needs To Eat!'
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The celeb did not appreciate the comments about her body! Some have been telling Christina Anstead to eat more as she's supposedly too skinny nowadays but the Flip or Flop star was quick to clap back at the body shamers!

After seeing her latest posts, some users have taken it upon themselves to give Christina some unsolicited advice when it comes to her weight.

The comments about her physique seemed to bother her and she posted a video on her IG Stories earlier today, in which she addressed them directly, explaining, first and foremost, that her weight has not changed at all!

People are commenting that I look very skinny or that I need to eat. This is actually the weight I have always weighed. You guys have just watched me have babies and then go back to my original weight. So don't worry, everything's fine.'

As for the body-shaming comments that Christina could not help but notice, they were all along the lines of: 'You must eat more food. Way too skinny,' an actual comment found under one of her newest posts.

Of course, there were many others who showed her support and defended her, commenting things like: 'Hottest mom ever,' and 'Y'all needs to relax. Some people bounced back easily even after having 3 kids. Stop body shaming.'

While the criticism of her looks is definitely not a good idea, it might mean that some of her fans are rather worried she no longer takes enough care of herself while dealing with her Ant Anstead divorce.

The two had a baby boy together and about a year after, she filed for divorce.


Christina went on to change her name on Instagram to make it clear that she and Ant are over, now using her maiden last name of Haack.

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