Chris Hemsworth's Role In Upcoming Mad Max Film Could Open New Doors For Him

Chris Hemsworth's Role In Upcoming Mad Max Film Could Open New Doors For Him
Credit: James D. Morgan

Chris Hemsworth is confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming installment of the Mad Max franchise titled Mad Max: Furiosa. His role is not confirmed yet but there are speculations regarding what his role may be and some are claiming that he may be playing a villain named Dr. Dementus. The name has been heard before in the 2015 videogame of the franchise where it was revealed that a man named Dr. Dementus was killed by Scrotus, a chainsaw wielding villain.

Dr. Dementus is also known to have a longstanding rivalry with Immortan Joe. He is the leader of the Bike Horde and if the upcoming film is intending to stay true to the lore of the franchise, than this could lead to a very lethal and violent fight between Hemsworth's Dr. Dementus and whoever may play a younger version of the mask-wearing tyrant, Immortan Joe.

On the other hand, some people are also speculating that it is Chris Hemsworth who will be playing the younger version of Immortan Joe in the upcoming installment of the franchise. Either way, this role marks a drastic change in the direction of Chris Hemsworth's career.

Most of the fight scenes that Chris Hemsworth has been a part of throughout his career have been in the MCU which is held hostage by a PG 13 rating meaning excessive blood and gore are not an option.

However, with a franchise like Mad Max, Chris will be open to a new and darker form of action sequence and film making in general, that he has never experienced before. Fans are excited to see Chris Hemsworth cast in a different light and expand his horizons as an actor. His big and strong build has mostly had a comedic affect in the MCU as he has played the big softie that is Thor Odinson, but now he gets to put that warrior body to good use.

Unfortunately, Mad Max: Furiosa will not be hitting cinemas till 2024.

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