Chris Evans Jokes That The Other Two ‘Chrises’ Are ‘Losers’ - Here's Why!

Chris Evans Jokes That The Other Two ‘Chrises’ Are ‘Losers’ - Here's Why!
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Chris Evans took to social media to jokingly slam two other Chrises – Pratt and Hemsworth! The actor called them ‘losers!’

It all started with a tweet from Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame’s directors!

Evans’ fun tweet came in response to their post!

The three thought it would be great to call out fellow actors Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth on Twitter.

The Russo brothers announced in their post that the spoiler ban for their extremely successful film lifts on Monday!

That is when Evans commented a pertinent question: ‘Does that mean I can start posting set videos on Monday?’

In response, the directors took a funny jab at ‘the other Chrises,’ which then caused him to join in the banter!

‘Yes. Btw, did we ever tell you you’re the most responsible of the Chrises?’ Joe and Anthony’s teasingly tweeted at Evans.

The actor added: ‘Which is obviously WAY cooler than being the most handsome, funny, or talented. Take note, other Chrises. Losers.’

Fortunately, no one really took it seriously, knowing their sense of humor so fans joined in with their own jokes!

Here are a few of them: ‘Are we about to have a Civil war between the Chrises?!’ / ‘All the other Chrises that were minding their own and having a nice day; all of a sudden ~ wow.’ / ‘loved all the Chrises.’

Ever since the exchange happened, users have been anxiously waiting for the other two Chrises to join in and clap back with their own equally witty responses but at this point, they are yet to do that.

Knowing their sense of humor, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did react to the ‘insults’ eventually.


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