Chris Brown's Baby Boy Aeko Looks Fiercely Into The Camera In New Adorable Pic!

Chris Brown's Baby Boy Aeko Looks Fiercely Into The Camera In New Adorable Pic!
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Chris Brown and Ammika Harris’ baby boy looks more and more adorable by the day and his parents never fail to document it all and share it with the world!

Followers are used to Chris and Ammika’s social media platforms being pretty much fan pages for little Aeko Brown at this point.

The latest post comes from the proud father who shared a snap of the cute baby starring right into the camera and now, users are melting!

They also can’t believe just how fast he’s growing up!

The two month old not only has a full head of hair now but it looks like he’s already mastered posing for the camera!

After all, the pic that Chris posted shows the baby in his carrier, intensely looking directly at the camera for his dad while he took the photo. What a superstar!

In the caption, the dad simply included a smirking face emoji.

As for the baby fashion, Aeko was rocking a blue and white striped onesie.

The snap also features a female hand, most likely belonging to Aeko’s mom, Ammika Harris.

At this point, it feels like a competition over which of them takes the cutest pic of their son.

Just a couple of days ago, the proud mother posted a snap of baby Aeko sleeping with a baby bottle still in his mouth while in his mom’s arms.

Fittingly enough, Ammika captioned the snap with ‘Milk drunk.’

Indeed, the infant looked peaceful and on cloud nine at the time.

And that’s not all! Ammika has been sharing small clips of Aeko as well.

For instance, very early on January 26, she also posted a 3 seconds long video that showed her son wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, once again sleeping peacefully.

‘I love you more than life itself,’ she wrote alongside it.


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