Justin Bieber Donates $200,000 To Women's Groups In New 'Intentions' Music Video Featuring Quavo

Justin Bieber Donates $200,000 To Women's Groups In New 'Intentions' Music Video Featuring Quavo
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Justin Bieber, in his brand new video featuring Quavo, "Intentions," announced that he would be giving back to those less fortunate than him, a new report from Page Six revealed. Reportedly, the 25-year-old songwriter illuminated the stories from three different women.

The star announced he would work with the women through the organization, Alexandria House, which is an LA-based non-profit group that helps abused women. The video features the story of three women in total, for instance, a college student whose mother from Saudi Arabia was denied an education.

Bahri's life is especially difficult with the 2-3 hour commute she makes every single day to get to class. Marcy, another woman taken care of by the Alexandria House, is a single mother who has struggled to make ends meet. Additionally, the video features Angela, an artist who moved to Los Angeles but wound up homeless.

"Intentions" shows Bieber and Quavo, from Migos, stopping by the home to pay it forward. They give them a number of gifts, including studio time, backpacks, and a car. Reportedly, Bieber and Quavo generated $200,000 to help the Alexandria House.

Fans of Bieber know that in recent years, he has turned over a new leaf. He struggled immensely with drug addiction in the past , as he revealed in a new Youtube docu-series about his life. In past interviews, Justin's wife, Hailey, revealed that the first year of marriage between them was tough.

It was a real struggle because Bieber was sick all of the time. During a chat with Elle Magazine, Baldwin explained that at the time, no doctor could figure out why Justin was sick until they finally discovered he was suffering from Lyme disease.

Furthermore, Baldwin explained that people on the outside, including social media users and the entertainment media, were judging him without actually knowing what was going on in his life.

Baldwin-Bieber noted the challenge of trying to figure out what was wrong with him, while at the same time, receiving massive criticism from the public. Thankfully, Bieber and his doctors finally discovered what was wrong, and he's now fully recovered and doing well.

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