Chris Brown Makes Fans Crazy With Excitement By Posting New Videos Of His Kids, Royalty And Aeko

Chris Brown Makes Fans Crazy With Excitement By Posting New Videos Of His Kids, Royalty And Aeko
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Chris Brown made headlines a lot lately due to various issues, some funnier than others. For instance, fans were laughing their hearts out when he shared a video of a woman who was trying to sneak in his yard amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and she was yelling at him.

Then, according to reports coming from the online publication HollywoodLife, he also shared a few thoughts about the fact that Rihanna wants kids and more.

He also had fans freaking out when he shared a video in which he and some pals were racing in their cars on the highway.

Anyway, here are the new videos of his kids that he made sure to share on social media.

A follower said this about baby Aeko: 'He doesn't even know that he set for life, like he not finna worry bout sh*t,' and someone else posted the following message: 'that baby got him daddy face allll day 😍'

One other commenter said: 'Baby came out with a fresh cut 👌🏽Handsome guy,' and someone else wrote: 'It’s about time u turn on the comments your baby boy is very handsome and cute.'

Someone else posted: 'looking like his dad ☺️Chris ya genes strong ass shit.'

Chris also shared a video featuring his gorgeous daughter, Royalty Brown.

Someone commented: 'he’s got your goofy side we all LOVE,' and another follower said: 'So like when we getting a brown face off on TikTok.'

One fan posted: 'Roro said y’all finna catch ha slipping and show her daddy,' and someone else said: 'Lmao if this child doesn’t have your personality. We love us some Ro.'

Chris' fans were happy to see that he opened the comments section, which has been disabled for posts of his kids for a long time.

A lot of people are saying that Chris is a lucky dad, and they are praising his kids like there's no tomorrow.

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