Chris Brown Drops His DMX Challenge Video And Fans Are Shocked By His Crazy Hairstyles

Chris Brown Drops His DMX Challenge Video And Fans Are Shocked By His Crazy Hairstyles
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The DMX Challenge is still going strong, even though some claimed that it was finally dying down.

The social media trend involves celebrities and other people posting pictures and videos of themselves with different hairstyles that they had through the years.

And while fans have been stunned by several takes on the fad, such as Halle Berry and Nicki Minaj, it looks like Chris Brown might have the best one yet.

The R&B star recently submitted his video for the DMX Challenge, in which he went through an impressive amount of wild and colorful hairstyles, bringing back many old memories in the minds of his fans.

It looks like there has been a pretty positive reception for the video as well, as many of Brown's fans have come out with a lot of love and support for him after the release.

Brown remains a controversial figure in the music world. On the other hand, with many of his fans still bringing up the old incident when he beat up Rihanna.

The artist has tried to shed his negative reputation for a good while, but it does not look like he has a good chance of making this happen at this point.

However, it is also worth noting that he has been doing his best to avoid associating himself with the incident as well, so it is possible that he is still trying to sweep the situation under the rug.

Plus, he still has the support of many of his fans, so he should not have a problem with that in any way, and he is often melting hearts with his daughter, Royalty.

One fan said: "She lives up to her name, and she makes that look like a throne. 👑 Greatest entertainer of our generation."

Another commenter stated: "I’m just glad God blessed us with such a talented human. ✨ This man is phenomenal. Cookie in the ice cream parlor got me dead. DMX named like five women names In our family 😩lol."

This backer claimed: "He does everything, proof that if you don’t become a follower and fight for your dreams. Anything is possible. I love his art too!"

This supporter revealed: "This the most well thought out and polished DMX challenge 😂🙌🏾Lmaoooo this the best one I’ve seen yet! Chris living his best life on tour>>>X>>."

Brown is doing well on the charts.

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