Bow Wow's Followers Keep Reminding Him Of Old Private Jet Incident

Bow Wow's Followers Keep Reminding Him Of Old Private Jet Incident
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It has already been a few years since rapper Bow Wow made a blunder that drew a lot of negative attention to him, with some people mocking his attempts to seem famous, when he posted a photo of himself riding in a private jet.

Many were quick to point out that the shot was fake, and Bow Wow eventually tried to play it off as a joke.

Back then, many also wondered why he would need to fake something like this in the first place, considering that his rap career has brought him a pretty nice income.

And it looks like that story will never die down -- at least the rapper's fans do not have any intentions to let it go at this point, as many have taken the opportunity to remind him of the incident when he recently posted a photo with a black Lamborghini.

Many of the comments were variations of questions regarding the car's true owner, and some even claimed that he might have borrowed it from a friend.

And while it looked like Bow Wow's fans were just having some fun, the reality TV star is likely not enjoying all the controversy around his profile at the moment.

A critic said: "Let's see that registration tho!🤔I bet yall a band that ain’t his car😂🤔🧐 & that’s coming from Columbus Ohio!"

This person wrote: "So you rented one with green seats this time, don’t have them people hunting you down for their car okuuuuur."

Another commenter shared: "Cats out here borrowing, renting and pretending.🤨 All the hate, but what car did y’all drive home in today?"

This follower wrote: "People be asking if the Lambo is yours, rented, or borrowed. Who cares. He is out there hustling and making that bag. Most of you can't even rent a simple car leave alone Lambo. Ok, Shad with the pretty eyes. Loving the positive vibes. Have a blessed day👍🏾
Bro keeps hustling while they talk."

This interesting comment read: "And he tagged the auto company Got damn this been up four minutes and ten people dem asked this man who car he got... Let me ask you something? Who wifi you on? Or phone plan. Damn these females ain't playing in these comments 🤦🏾 the thirst is real 😂🤣."

Bow Wow will have a hard time shaking this off.

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