Chris Brown Drags Cardi B Into His Social Media Feud With Offset - ‘Ima Send Ya Girl Flowers’

Chris Brown Drags Cardi B Into His Social Media Feud With Offset - ‘Ima Send Ya Girl Flowers’
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It seems like Chris Brown’s feud with Offset is getting even bigger! The star decided to drag the Migos rapper’s wife, Cardi B into their social media conflict as well!

Brown took to his social media platform of choice, Instagram, earlier today, to share a pic in the caption of which he said he’ll send the Bodak Yellow rapper flowers as a way to prove that he respects her more than her own husband.

And that is not all! Chris also told Offset that he is ‘disappointed’ in him and that his dad is probably to blame for his behavior. Yikes!

‘So you just dance ya way out of my comments. Ima send ya girl flowers, so she know I respect her,’ the insulting caption reads.

As you may be aware, the social media feud between the two male stars began with Chris sharing a 21 Savage meme.

This followed the news that ICE had decided to deport him since he is was a U.K. citizen who has been living in America illegally.

Offset slammed Chris, saying: ‘Memes ain’t funny, lame,’ which seems to have affected Chris a little bit more than that comment should have.

After all, it sounds like Offset was just upset about the situation with the fellow rapper and did not like to see people making fun of his deportation.

But Chris shot back full force, threatening to beat Cardi’s husband up and inviting him to his home to throw it down.

All in all, it sounds like their little petty online beef is really unnecessary and so is including Cardi into all of it.

After all, the female emcee is busy enough managing her successful career and taking care of her baby, she has no time for silly drama that she did not ask to be part of!

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