Chris Brown And His Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Are Accused Of Antagonizing Fans With Latest Pregnancy Photo -- Model Claps Back With This Epic Answer

Chris Brown And His Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Are Accused Of Antagonizing Fans With Latest Pregnancy Photo -- Model Claps Back With This Epic Answer
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Chris Brown seems to enjoy drumming up controversy to himself, and the singer has not stopped trying to provoke the public, both his followers and everyone else.

And for the most part, it seems like it is working out for him too, as he keeps getting all the attention he is asking for.

Brown is trying to turn the controversy chapter -- this time with the help of his rumored baby mama, Ammika Harris.

While the situation between them is far from clear, Brown has made some implications about the current state of affairs that have generated a lot of discussions online.

While it is still not known if Harris is indeed carrying his child right now, Brown has recently announced that he had painted her face on his tour bus, adding the caption, "WE GONE FLIP DIS BUS" under the picture.

The artwork was done quite tastefully, and many of Brown's fans noted that it looked very stylish and complimented the style of the vehicle nicely.

Still, it looks like this post has raised even more questions among the artist's fans, and many people are now questioning if he is antagonizing his followers on purpose to stir up confusion about the pregnancy rumors.

It is certainly no secret that Brown is a fan of "engaging" his audience in this manner, and it would not be the first time he has done something like that in the first place.

It will probably take a while until fans find out what exactly he has been up to, and if Harris is carrying a child right now.

Harris recently posted a photo hiding her baby bump, and fans started a lengthy debate on the pregnancy rumor.

One person said: "All of you, she is pregnant!! I saw her when she was leaving the mixing booth!!! They are trying to milk the situation to get her damn followers up! 🙄"

This follower claimed: "He hasn’t met her family because she’s hiding the fact that she’s 100% Asian and not “Blasian” like she claims to be. She lied about that too lol she full Thai. She’s said it herself before she got this “fame” she’s Thai."

Harris clapped back with: "Followers up? SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT REAL LIFE!"

This observer added: "I had a feeling cause she’s ALWAYS hiding her stomach. I thought I was the only one who peeped it...congrats though🤷🏽‍♀️why would she need her followers up?? Please tell me why in the real world of life, she even needs followers??? Or for that matter, why anybody needs followers???"

Brown might use all of this to his advantage.

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