Charlize Theron's Stunt Double Discusses Bad 'Feud' Between Theron And Tom Hardy

Charlize Theron's Stunt Double Discusses Bad 'Feud' Between Theron And Tom Hardy
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Dayna Grant, one of Charlize Theron 's stunt doubles, recently came out to divulge on the notorious feud between Tom Hardy and the actress while they worked together on the critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the stunt double's comments toward her situation while working with Tom and Charlize. They famously didn't get along well while starring in the remake of the classic Mel Gibson movie.

Grant claimed it was a challenging time for her because they really didn't like each other, and she had to spend time with both of them. According to the stunt double, Charlize and Tom would come in to do a scene together, but it was clear they didn't want to do it.

Grant said she would frequently take her spot. Reportedly, how the film crew got around the tension was clever. Tom's stunt double would work with Charlize and Charlize's stunt double would work with Tom. Essentially, they were working with the opposite people, Dayna explained.

According to Grant, she knew right from the start there would be issues. She says there was obvious tension between them at the beginning, especially during the fight choreography which was where it all began in the first place.

Even though the pair of celebs didn't mesh well, Mad Max: Fury Road went on to become one of the best films of that year. It has an incredibly high rating on Rotten Tomatoes and did well at the box office.

Since then, both Tom and Charlize have gone on to become some of the most sought after entertainers in the business. Tom and Charlize both have appeared in a number of high-profile action movies, including Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises , and Theron in The Old Guard.

As it was previously reported, Netflix came out with a social media post earlier last week in which they proclaimed The Old Guard was one of their best performers thus far . It's unclear if The Old Guard will beat The Irishman from Martin Scorsese.

Regarding Tom and Theron's feud, they haven't worked together since, however, they've spoken about their issues in past interviews.

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