Charlize Theron Says That Homeschooling Her Kids During The Pandemic Is Harder Than Filming Action Movies

Charlize Theron Says That Homeschooling Her Kids During The Pandemic Is Harder Than Filming Action Movies
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Charlize Theron has been struggling to raise her children properly amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. During a chat with Willie Geist from Today, the 44-year-old joked that filming her movies is a lot easier than taking care of her children, Jackson, 8, and August, who will be 5-years-old this month.

Theron said to the host that the hardest part about raising kids was homeschooling, and Geist responded, "Amen!" Page Six picked up on the actress's comments in which she said raising her kids at home was a very stressful time for her.

She would film any action movie before doing it again. Back in May, Theron shared a picture of her son, Jackson, hanging around the set of Mad Max: Fury Road . Theron said she became a mother right before she started shooting.

Charlize has been very honest about raising her kids before. This past December, the actress sat down with reporters from NPR and claimed that she wanted to believe her children would find her in a way that's meant to be.

According to Theron, she wanted to adopt from any country that would allow her to do so as a single woman. She stated it just so happened that they were both born in the USA and were African-Americans.

Additionally, Charlize commented on the idea that being a single parent was often overlooked. Charlize claimed society and culture has focused primarily on raising kids with two fathers or two mothers, but raising a child with just one parent has been overlooked.

She said, "it's just so unfortunate." According to Theron, she knows a lot of people who would be great as single parents, however, she conceded that it's a lot easier in her position because she's a famous actress with a lot of resources.

In the same month, Theron also explained how important it was for people to use the proper gender pronouns for Jackson. Fans of Charlize know she has talked about the struggles of relationships and family before.

In other news, Charlize recently slammed Steven Seagal for his alleged mistreatment of female actresses and coworkers. 

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