Charlize Theron Opens Up About Tom Hardy Mad Max Feud

Charlize Theron Opens Up About Tom Hardy Mad Max Feud
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Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy didn't get along during the filming of Mad Max: Fury Road . This isn't anything new, but a new report from The New York Times told the story in explicit detail in which more information was revealed.

Page Six picked up on the "oral history" from the outlet which included conversations among much of the cast and crew, including Theron and Hardy themselves. They reflected on what it was like to film George Miller's 2015 movie.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, for one, explained that there was a "lot of different personalities" clashing at the time. She claimed it was an interesting experience for her to see Tom and Charlize work together in a truck for months at a time.

Charlize admitted that she didn't understand how important the role was to Hardy, who may have been feeling additional pressure as well. In retrospect, Charlize explained, she didn't empathize with Hardy who was replacing Mel Gibson in the iconic role.

"That is frightening," Charlize explained. The actress said that, in some way, they were almost acting like their characters. They weren't empathizing with each other and instead clashed a lot on the set. Hardy shared her opinion.

The English-born actor, who starred as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises , claimed he was "over (his) head" in a number of ways. Tom said that there was a lot of pressure on both of them, and he should've thought about how she was feeling as well.

Tom went on to say that now he's a lot "older and uglier," so looking back on it, he learned a lot from the role and would probably handle it a lot better now. Charlize apparently clashed with other people as well, including Zoe Kravitz, who starred as Toast the Knowing.

According to Zoe, Tom took out his anger on George Miller, and it was a "bummer to see." Hardy noted that the experience changed him permanently post-filming. With all that said, Mad Max: Fury Road was a huge success and was nominated for 10 Oscars in 2016, so maybe the personality clash was for the better.


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