Tom Hardy May Be In Line To Star As James Bond In 007 Franchise

There's no question that James Bond is easily one of the most iconic characters […]

Posted on Sep 20, 2020 6:49 PM PDT

Charlize Theron's Stunt Double Discusses Bad 'Feud' Between Theron And Tom Hardy

Dayna Grant, one of Charlize Theron's stunt doubles, recently came out to divulge on […]

Posted on Jul 23, 2020 6:32 PM PDT

Charlize Theron Opens Up About Tom Hardy Mad Max Feud

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy didn't get along during the filming of Mad Max: […]

Posted on May 13, 2020 7:49 PM PDT

Tom Hardy Is Unrecognizable As Al Capone In Upcoming Biopic

Tom Hardy will soon be starring as notorious gangster Al Capone in the upcoming […]

Posted on May 6, 2020 12:37 PM PDT