Chad Johnson From Bachelorette Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

Chad Johnson From Bachelorette Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges
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Chad Johnson, who formerly starred on The Bachelorette, has been arrested on domestic violence and robbery charges, a new report from E! News revealed.

The outlet claims the reality star was apprehended by authorities on Monday afternoon following an argument with his girlfriend, Annalise Mishler.

A spokesperson for Mishler said to reporters from E! that a neighbor in the area phoned the police after Johnson was spotted screaming and yelling while pounding on the door. Subsequently, the police slapped Johnson with a temporary restraining order to keep the peace.

Earlier this week, Mishler actually took to her Instagram to share a video where she claimed Johnson had gotten so intoxicated over the weekend that he punched a hole in the wall of her home. On Monday, Johnson did an interview with TooFab where he discussed the altercation.

Johnson took the reality franchise, The Bachelor , to task for supposedly leaving him out to dry, while also blaming the incident on his drinking problem. Chad complained of being put on a show approximately four years ago which led to his fame, and then suddenly it was all gone.

Fans of Johnson know that he doesn't always come across as the most charming guy. Nick Markus reported back in October 2019 that Chad Johnson ranted about Gigi Hadid, stating that Cameron settled on the supermodel because she wasn't even that attractive.

Johnson, while on the podcast, discussed Tyler Cameron's potential, insinuating that he could've done much better for himself if he really wanted too. The reality star suggested that in the entertainment world, people are famous and wealthy, so women are more apt to go on a date with them because they see the positive side.

Moreover, Johnson explained that when a person becomes famous, a lot of women reach out to you on social media. In other words, Johnson feels as though Cameron could've gotten a much hotter girl than Gigi Hadid. He added, "like, technically, she's a supermodel, but is she? Is she really?"

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