Cardi B's Ex-Manager Involves Her Father Carlos Almanzar In $15 Million Lawsuit

Cardi B's Ex-Manager Involves Her Father Carlos Almanzar In $15 Million Lawsuit
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Cardi B's ex-manager, Klenord "Shaft" Raphael, is in the middle of a lawsuit against Cardi B for $15 million. Reportedly, he believes that her father, Carlos Almanzar, has crucial information related to the lawsuit and believes he should be involved.

Last April, Raphael filed a lawsuit against her for breach of contract, and Cardi B countersued alleging that he was trying to control her personal life. According to a report from The Blast, Cardi's lawyer has been served with a subpoena for Mr. Almanzar.

Moreover, reports state that her ex-manager is trying to get Offset to testify about Cardi's relationship with him, as well as her situation with royalties and other monetary issues.

The Blast claims that Cardi B accused Raphael of exploiting her and using her "trust and naivete" to abuse his power. Her ex-manager took advantage of her and attempted to make her sign into deals in which he would take a majority of her money.

Cardi claims she signed with his organization without legal counsel and he failed to disclose accounting details every month as well as payments which she was owed. Cardi's legal battle first began with the massive success of her song, "Bodak Yellow," which was described as the song of the summer by The New York Times in 2017.

Related to her legal squabbles, in an interview with New York Magazine, Cardi B told the interviewer that fame wasn't what she thought it was. Like the popular Notorious BIG song, "Mo' Money Mo' Problems," Cardi B explained that she never expected fame and fortune to come with as many problems as it has for her thus far.

Moreover, she and her husband Offset recently split up as well after allegations of cheating reared their head repeatedly. The Migos member, Offset, took to his social media later to apologize and Cardi B refused to take him back.

It appears as though Offset's luck ran out, because not only did Cardi B refuse his apology, but her fans weren't having it either.

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