Georgia Police Are Investigating R. Kelly Again Due To Hostage Claims

Georgia Police Are Investigating R. Kelly Again Due To Hostage Claims
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R. Kelly is now under investigation by the Fulton County District Attorney's office, following the new docu-series released on Lifetime, Surviving R. Kelly. TMZ reported that the police are investigating him due to the claims he may have kept "women hostage" on his property in Georgia.

A lawyer on the behalf of Joycelyn Savage's parents, the young woman who's now living with R. Kelly in his home, said to Spin Magazine that the family has been contacted by the authorities and they're now cooperating. In recent years, several women have accused R. Kelly of being abusive and coercive.

In 2017, BuzzFeed News reported on Savage's situation, which her parents described as a "cult." However, at a later date, Savage released a video online explaining how the situation was "out of control" and she was completely fine.

According to TMZ, Surviving R. Kelly, released on Lifetime, was in part the reason why the DA chose to pursue these charges. Gerald Griggs, the attorney-at-law for Savage's mother and father said to reporters from Spin, "the documentary really speaks for itself."

When the Johns Creek Police Department submitted a file to the Fulton County District Attorney in relation to Kelly's alleged misconduct, the office then declined to pursue an investigation.

According to the new docu-series, R. Kelly knew somebody in the local law enforcement, and he knew when they were coming to conduct wellness checks in Chicago. Since the new documentary came out, R. Kelly's status in the scene has appeared to come under question, as more and more celebrities have condemned him.

During the summer months, Spotify even announced they would no longer promote his music with their playlists, however, they later rescinded that decision due to critics pointing out the long line of performers and artists who also had allegations of abuse against them at one point.

In addition to R. Kelly, Spotify also revealed they would remove XXXTentacion's music from their playlists, however, they retracted that move as well. Putting that aside, R. Kelly may be looking at yet another court case following his exoneration on charges in 2008.

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