T.I.'s Daughter Deyjah Harris Is All "WOMAN POWER" In New Photo Where She Looks Like Cardi B

T.I.'s Daughter Deyjah Harris Is All "WOMAN POWER" In New Photo Where She Looks Like Cardi B
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Miss Deyjah Harris is breaking the Internet with a series of stunning pictures to empower women and force her father, T.I., to hire some of the those White House Secret Service agents that former President Barack Obama had watching over his two daughters -- Sacha and Malia.

The bonus daughter of Tiny Harris took to social media, and she posted a few stunning photos where she is flaunting her killer abs while wearing a T-shirt with a very strong message -- WOMAN POWER.

Fans are going crazy over the sexy mirror selfie and the message she is pushing. Others claim that Deyjah is starting to look like Cardi B.

One person had this to say about the photos: "She has definitely grown up she has always been beautiful I don't see how T.I. had time to do anything, he should have GPS, White House security, homeschool, and phone tapping to make sure no dudes come close."

Another supporter ran with the Cardi B comparison by explaining: "I thought this was Cardi B when I first glanced. Awww she is super cute 😍 All Grown up too fast! She is gorgeous and seems so humble. 🔥🔥🥰🥰"

This fan had the following to state: "T.I.P. got the strap patiently waiting she’s a beauty and them lil jokers Betta does not try it. It’s insane how beautiful this young lady is. And she’s very articulate. I know TIP and Tiny are so proud of her."

This fourth supporter replied: "Oh, my lawd thought that was Cardi @troubleman31 she beautiful get them thangs. She got enough brothers tho! Gorgeous young lady. Please stop comparing her to cardi b 🙄."

Deyjah is set to graduate in May and T.I. is already feeling the pain of his baby leaving the house.

The proud papa revealed: "My baby’s beautiful, brilliant, talented,& articulate at da SAME DAMN TIME!!! Her perspective is poignant & true. Her potential is limitless. Her time is NOW!!! Her imperfections are few & far in between. Because her very existence is Perfection, she WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!! And her daddy, brothers,&uncles gon nut de fuq UP about anything or anyone disturbing her progress. I love you, baby. Always and Always!!!"

Deyjah is a true star.

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