Cardi B Thanks Late Tom Petty For Sending Her A Bouquet Of Flowers In Embarassing Post

Cardi B Thanks Late Tom Petty For Sending Her A Bouquet Of Flowers In Embarassing Post
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Cardi B was a bit confused amid all of her congratulatory messages and gifts and made a pretty embarrassing mistake! The rapper celebrated winning a Grammy award in the Best Rap Album category making her the first female ever to receive that honor.

The artist mistakenly thanked none other than legend Tom Petty for sending her a huge bouquet of flowers and a note after her big win.

But the problem is, as you may be aware, sadly, Tom Petty has actually passed away of a drug overdose back in 2017 so the gift was definitely not from him.

What caused the confusion, however, was the fact that the note that came with the flowers quoted lyrics from a song of his titled Walls (Circus).

Cardi took to her Instagram stories to thank the late man, writing: ‘Thank you, Tom Petty, for the flowers. I want to say thank you very much.’

She also went on to thank Petty for the note, saying the words were ‘beautiful.’

‘You've got a big heart. So big it could crush this town,’ are the lyrics written on the note, so it makes sense that she was touched.

Of course, at this point, no one is sure who was the actual sender of the bouquet and note, but fans have been having a blast on social media, trying to guess.

Some think that maybe they were from Chris Brown, who just promised he’d send her flowers amid his feud with Offset.

On the other hand, others believe that they might have been from her nemesis, Nicki Minaj!

Who do you think was the real sender? What do you think about the mistake Cardi made?

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