Cardi B Shares The Amazing Presents She Got Kulture On Her Birthday

Cardi B Shares The Amazing Presents She Got Kulture On Her Birthday
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Cardi B will stop at nothing to make her daughter’s first-ever birthday very special. That being said, the female emcee took to social media to show off all of the expensive presents she’s gotten baby Kulture, who she shares with husband and fellow rapper, Offset of Migos.

You’re probably not surprised but yes, Cardi is going all out for her bundle of joy’s birthday party.

On her IG Stories, the proud mother made sure to share all the amazing gifts she got for Kulture.

She started with some cute little shoes that feature red, silver and gold embellishments, and, in addition, a white flower over the toes.

Next, Cardi showed her followers a tiny leather jacket that had a pic of the rapper herself on the back.

Since the female emcee is doing such a great job at parenting and really seems to love it as well, people have been wondering if she’s planning to also gift her daughter a sibling!

A source talked about that with HollywoodLife, telling the news outlet that ‘Cardi is not really thinking about having more babies right now, but that does not mean she is completely opposed to the idea either. Cardi’s life is very busy right now with her hectic schedule, caring for Kulture, and setting aside some time to spend with Offset.’

They added that she feels ‘completely fulfilled in all aspects of her life and doesn’t feel the need to have more children at this point. She definitely wants to grow her family at some point, but wants to make sure the time's right before making a big leap like that.’

That’s not to say she would not be ‘thrilled’ is it so happened that she got pregnant!

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