Lil' Wayne Abruptly Leaves Stage During Blink-182 Performance Prompting Rumors Of Turmoil With Blink

Lil' Wayne Abruptly Leaves Stage During Blink-182 Performance Prompting Rumors Of Turmoil With Blink
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According to a report from Page Six, Lil' Wayne became visibly upset on Thursday night while on tour with the band, Blink 182, an event which led the rapper to say on his social media that he was having a blast, and wasn't canceling the tour, contrary to some reports.

The 36-year-old rapper said that "yesterday was crazy!" however, he wanted all of his fans to know that he would not be quitting the tour, contrary to what some believed. Lil' Wayne added, "I'm having too much fun with my bros Blink-182."

As it was previously reported, while at their Bristow, Va, concert on Thursday night, Lil' Wayne allegedly stopped his performance and said to the audience "that he wasn't used to performing in front of (such) a crowd." He went on to say that he was uncertain if he could go on for the remainder of the tour.

"This might be my last night though, let's go," the rapper said to the audience. People on social media took to Twitter to say that Lil' Wayne abruptly stopped the set after just twenty minutes and then left the stage for an unexplained reason.

Apparently, the issue was that Lil' Wayne was unhappy with the number of people at the concert. A social media user said that Lil' Wayne complained of the lack of people in the audience, and instead, chose to leave the stage entirely.

Reportedly, Blink-182's tour started on the 29th of June, which was less than two weeks ago, and it's slated to continue all the way until the 22nd of September. Some people on social media alleged that perhaps the lack of attendees at the show was on account of the fact many of Blink's fans lost interest once Tom DeLonge left the band.

Earlier this year, the former frontman from the early 2000s band was on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he revealed he was working on a secret project regarding extraterrestrial life.

Other users stated it was because there weren't a lot of Lil' Wayne fans at the concert on Thursday night. Lil' Wayne, after a long battle with Birdman and Cash Money Records, finally released his latest record, Tha Carter V , late last year.

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