Cardi B Says She Drugged Men Who Were Conscious, Willing, And Aware — Alleged Victim Says Otherwise

Cardi B Says She Drugged Men Who Were Conscious, Willing, And Aware — Alleged Victim Says Otherwise
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If Cardi B is going to go public and admit she drugged and robbed men who were "conscious, willing, and aware" it was only a matter of time before an alleged victim came forward. First and foremost, Cardi B has not been charged with a crime. There is no police investigation into Jack King's claims or anything to verify that he is telling the truth. What is fact, is that Instagram user JackKing_Actor has come forward in a series of videos telling what he says is his truth about being drugged and robbed by Cardi B.

According to Jack King, he was not conscious, willing, or aware. He said that the incident in question occurred "back in the day" and she was a stripper. He wasn't sure what they called her but he believed it was "Bacardi." He paid for a dance in the VIP room, and he pointed out that she wasn't famous but just like any other stripper back then.

King stated that after his private dance, he had about 5k left to spend and agreed to go to a hotel room with Cardi B. He said that at one point he left to go to the restroom, came back to the room and after he took a sip of his drink, he blacked out and remembered nothing.

He said that once he woke up, his money and clothes were gone.

You can hear Jack King tell his alleged encounter with Cardi B in the video player below.

Many people have questioned Jack King's sincerity with his story. He has made recent videos addressing his critics saying that he is telling the truth and that he is an alleged victim of Cardi B's.

It is apparent that Jack Kirby is sticking to his story and even though he is an actor and has many videos promoting acting, he is standing by this story and is saying that those accusing him of lying are victim shaming him.

What do you think? Do you believe Jack Kirby's story? Part of his story that has people thinking he is telling the truth is that he incriminates himself by saying he was soliciting prostitution.

Do you agree with Cardi B's story that she only drugged men who were conscious, willing, and aware?


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