Cardi B Reveals The Threat Of Coronavirus Has Her Spooked

Cardi B Reveals The Threat Of Coronavirus Has Her Spooked
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Even Cardi B has been feeling the effects of the coronavirus. Entertainment Tonight recently picked up on an Instagram post from the Invasion of Privacy rapper in which she revealed she was genuinely concerned about the United States and the recent deaths in the nation.

This comes after the news that the Cannes Film Festival may also be shutting down their event for the year, although, at the moment, it is still scheduled as usual. Regardless of the fate of other events, the 27-year-old rapper is a bit anxious.

On her IG account, the rapper, while wearing a bikini coupled with a chain dress over top of it, panicked about the illness. Cardi B addressed the "government," stating that she doesn't know what the coronavirus is, and doesn't understand how it came from Wuhan, China, but now it's affecting her tour.

Cardi B said to her millions of followers, "I ain't even gonna front. A b*tch is scared," before going on to say that she was full-on "panicking." She added that she was "deada** f*cking scared," and would soon start stockpiling necessities, primarily, food.

According to Entertainment Tonight, there have been an estimated 1,000 cases in the United States thus far and several dozen deaths. Events such as SXSW and Coachella have since postponed or straight-up canceled dates.

Thus far, the celebrity-reaction has been equally as precautious, including Gwyneth Paltrow, who posted a photo of herself on Instagram in which she was wearing an expensive facemask.

As it was previously reported, a collection of artists and festivals have either postponed their shows or canceled them permanently. Earlier this week, the performing artist, Ciara, revealed she was canceling her show in her hometown.

Justin Bieber, who just dropped his brand new record in approximately five years, Changes, including the single, "Yummy," had to change four-concert date venues from stadiums to arenas, due to effected ticket-sales. Additionally, particular countries have been hit harder than others, with Italy being under emergency lockdown to thwart the dissemination of the disease.

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