Cardi B Reportedly Enjoys Single Life Despite Rumors That She Wants Offset Back

Cardi B Reportedly Enjoys Single Life Despite Rumors That She Wants Offset Back
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Recent reports on Cardi B were claiming that the singer longs after Offset and she wants her man back. Now, according to the latest news, it seems that things might not be quite like this and Cardi is actually enjoying being single.

A source who knows more on the subject made sure to spill the tea for the online publication Hollywood Life.

Here's what they had to say: Cardi 'feels that things are normalizing with her and being single.'

The same insider continued and said that 'She is getting used to it and actually enjoying it. She is not really missing Offset too much and loves the life she is making for herself without him.'

The magazine's source concluded by saying that '2019 is starting off fresh and she is living her best life. All is well, and she is happy.'

People were confident that Cardi and Offset would be back together by now, especially after the ski jet pics surfaced in which the couple was seen happy together.

Cardi was recently upset that Offset was not there for her and the baby. As we already told you, Kulture has been sick, and Cardi took care of her bundle of joy by herself.

She made sure to keep her fans and followers updated, and by the look of things, Kulture is safe and healthy these days.

Recent reports claimed that Offset postponed the release of his album and people were confident that it's because he wants to concentrate on getting Cardi back these days.

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