Remy Ma Shares Photo Of The Golden Child Wearing Pricey Jewelry -- Fans Want To See The Face Of Papoose's Baby

Remy Ma Shares Photo Of The Golden Child Wearing Pricey Jewelry -- Fans Want To See The Face Of Papoose's Baby
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A picture of Remy Ma's pretty baby girl has fans feeling frustrated. It has been almost two months since the arrival of Papoose and Remy Ma's first child together -- the baby has been given the sweet nickname, The Golden Child.

This week, the femcee shared a photo of the infant wearing a very pricey piece of jewelry, but her face is not visible. Fans are begging Remy Ma to show the baby's face and to share her name finally.

A supporter replied: "When the Caribbean family come through! Have the babies drippin in their first baby picture 😂😂Women are so strong. Carrying and nurturing a tiny human being and blessing the world with life. I do not have children, but I hope to one day be as blessed as this. I'm turning 38 Tuesday. I am getting old. I pray each day still for my blessing. God bless u @remyma I love this picture. It says so much.❤️"

A second person said: "Y'all really be concerned about what their baby looks like? Congratulations @remyma @papoosepapoose give the Golden Child a hug from us. Glad you and her are doing well. Much love fam. Golden child showing y'all she wearing all gold everything she's gonna have more gold than Mr. T I tried to told Y all but u didn't wanted to heard me congrats to u and papoose Yall did it done it won it 👏👏."

Another commenter stated: "May God bless your baby! That’s so dope you showing so many people starting over with everything is possible! 🙌Perfect gift for a perfect child her Nickname is going to have a lot of all of you tuck your chains in and she's just getting started yep. I am so happy for you oh my gosh I was in tears when I found out you were pregnant you deserve all the happiness and you have so much more coming your way you're amazing your role model you should be so proud of yourself like I so much look up to the one that you are and you're a boss love your music love you love your family God bless you over and over and over again most of those women are so fake, and you are so real I just have so much respect for you had to say it I want to see that baby."

This follower explained: "So icy & beautiful 💛 @remyma Bless you and your beautiful [email protected] Is Golden child the baby name I know is a dumb question lol, but it is not are you going announce the baby name on here. What color is her ear tip? Hopefully, she's a Dark Chocolate China doll with jet black hair. Congrats again to you and your hubby."

Remy Ma's baby already has fans.

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