Cardi B Allegedly Threatens To Physically Harm Blogger And His Family In Voice Notes Over This Photo (Audio)

Cardi B Allegedly Threatens To Physically Harm Blogger And His Family In Voice Notes Over This Photo (Audio)
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Cardi B has a history of feuding via social media. For someone who made a song about not needing press, she sure talks about the press a lot.

A blogger shared a photo that went viral of the rapper walking with a mask on. There appears to be nothing wrong with the photo -- just Cardi without the makeup and glamorous drip.

However, the mother of one didn't want the picture circulating so she allegedly told the owner of the Daily Tea Talks Instagram page to take the image down.


When he refused, she sent him threatening voice notes where she said she would harm him and his family.

'Stop f**king doing that s**t! Stop playing with me before I find you and get your a** beat the f**k up! Damn!”

In a screenshot of the message conversation, Cardi wrote: 'Bro you mad f**king weird! Delete that picture. ASAP!! I’m not f**king 5 years old delete that s**t right now n***a. We known where ya motha stays at.'


Cardi's behavior is due to the fact that she is used to picking and choosing what blogs are allowed to post about her.

While she is good friends with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, she's made it clear that she doesn't want the Shade Room posting her --something that the blog seemingly agreed to do.

Fortunately, other pages will not be intimidated by her bashing or any of her tactics. She has long been criticized for using the press to go viral and now that she is a star she wants to have control over what is shared or written about her.

This comes after her big feud with Tasha K who she is wrapped up with a lawsuit about a video she made claiming that Cardi was a prostitute among other things.

Hopefully, the artist learns that she cannot continue to make dangerous threats against people especially because she is a public figure.

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