Cardi B Shows Off Three Painful Chest And Lip Piercings After Spending A Week Getting Tattooed

Cardi B Shows Off Three Painful Chest And Lip Piercings After Spending A Week Getting Tattooed
Credit: Source: Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B shocked Instagram fans when she shared video footage of herself getting body piercings. The videos come after the "Bodak Yellow" singer showed off her retouched tattoo and revealed that the entire painful process took one week to complete. Now, Cardi B is showing how tough she is by undergoing the painful piercings and handling it like a champ. Offset was by his wife's side as she grimaced, screamed, and at some points, even sang through the pain. The 27-year-old beauty and mother of one proved to her critics that her piercings are real by letting them watch her undergo the painful procedure.

Wearing a short, asymmetrical blue-two-toned wig with a matching manicure, Cardi B sat back in a chair as she nervously went through the reasons why she was getting pierced. At one point she even uttered aloud the thought that she didn't know why she was getting pierced, to begin with.

Several times throughout the procedure, Cardi B would ask the man who was doing the piercings to give her a minute, and she would have to take a break and then talk herself back into going through the process again. Cardi B shared a series of three videos as she went through the piercings followed by a final video that showed off the finished results.

You may see the first video that Cardi B shared with her 68.5 million Instagram followers below.

In the second series of videos that Cardi B shared, she was seen grimacing in pain and even singing through it. It almost looked like Cardi B was in labor the way Offset held her hand and she howled in pain!

In the third video, Cardi B had her lip pierced and it appeared that was the most painful procedure of all. Cardi B looked as if she was in excruciating pain as her lip was pulled and extended in order to be pierced.

Cardi B looked gorgeous as she showed off her new piercings and she didn't seem to be in any pain as she smiled for the camera and flaunted her new body jewelry.

The body piercings weren't all the recent modifications that Cardi B underwent. You can see the finished results as Cardi B had her tattoo redone below.

What do you think about Cardi B's latest tattoo and body piercings?

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