BTS Gushes Over Their Fans Helping Them Get Through This 'Rough Year' - Jimin Says ARMY Is Their 'Inspiration!'

BTS Gushes Over Their Fans Helping Them Get Through This 'Rough Year' - Jimin Says ARMY Is Their 'Inspiration!'
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The relationship between BTS and their fans, appropriately called ARMY, is one of mutual support and genuine love. That being said, it’s no surprise that just like how the South Korean group has helped their millions of supporters stay sane, calm and hopeful during this global pandemic, the ARMY has done exactly the same for the boys!

The artists could not help but show their gratitude during a new interview, thanking everyone who has helped them get through this ‘rough year.’

After all, BTS loves being on stage and interacting with ARMYs more than anything else so when the COVID-19 pandemic started, they had no choice but postpone their latest world tour if they wanted to keep their fans safe and healthy.

But, of course, this was just as disappointing for them as it was for ARMY who were looking forward to the unforgettable experience.

It was challenging for BTS to be stuck in quarantine but thankfully, the fans made them feel a lot better when they found themselves down and overthinking things.

During a virtual interview for ET, the seven artists got candid about how the ARMY helped them cope with everything going on and even gushed about them being their inspiration in creating their music!

The leader, RM, shared with the interviewer that ‘You know, 2020 has been truly a rough year for many and there were many surprise changes. To be honest, we thought we needed a break from that, so we focused on what we can do the best and that was music and performance.’

Then, Jimin made sure to stress that: ‘I want to say, ARMY really is our inspiration. Things are tough for everybody, and everybody's really going through a hard time. But I think for ARMY to have this energy and show this drive, it really inspires us. It inspires us to make our music and it comes out through our music. So again, we want to thank ARMY. Thank you, ARMY, for being our inspiration.’ So sweet!

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