J-Hope of BTS releases psychedelic music video 'More'

J-Hope, one of the members of BTS, presented his solo video "More." In it, […]

Posted on Jul 4, 2022 2:06 AM

BTS Announces Brief Break To Go Solo; J. Hope And Suga Projects In The Work

It has been roughly a decade since the South-Korean sensation BTS were first discovered […]

Posted on Jun 14, 2022 11:44 PM

Members of the Korean group BTS wanted to be released from military service

Members of the Korean group BTS wanted to be released from military service. Members […]

Posted on May 11, 2022 7:08 PM

Jimin from BTS released the song With You. This is the soundtrack for the drama 'Our Blues'

In addition to creating tracks and albums with the group, k-pop artists often seek […]

Posted on Apr 30, 2022 4:22 PM

BTS' music video for Halsey's feat has reached 1.5 billion views. This is now the most viewed video on youtube

The influence of BTS on the music industry is so great that the group's […]

Posted on Apr 29, 2022 4:22 PM

BTS announce a new album at a Las Vegas concert

South Korean K-pop band BTS has taken to social media to announce their new […]

Posted on Apr 25, 2022 1:05 AM

BTS Explain Why They Released 'Dynamite' All In English And The Reason Will Surprise You!

BTS manages to always break records and gain more and more success with every […]

Posted on Aug 21, 2020 10:17 AM

BTS Gushes Over Their Fans Helping Them Get Through This 'Rough Year' - Jimin Says ARMY Is Their 'Inspiration!'

The relationship between BTS and their fans, appropriately called ARMY, is one of mutual […]

Posted on Aug 21, 2020 8:40 AM

Best Moments From Barack Obama's Headlined Dear Class Of 2020 With Beyonce, BTS, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry And More

Many people might think to graduate high school during an economic collapse, global pandemic, […]

Posted on Jun 14, 2020 5:20 PM

BTS Show Full Support To The Black Lives Matter Movement - 'We All Have The Right To Be Respected!'

The Korean boy group has joined the long list of celebrities showing full support […]

Posted on Jun 4, 2020 3:26 PM