Brother Of Lauren Sanchez Says She And Jeff Bezos 'Threw Him Under The Bus' Amid Selfie Scandal

Brother Of Lauren Sanchez Says She And Jeff Bezos 'Threw Him Under The Bus' Amid Selfie Scandal
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According to the brother of Lauren Sanchez, she and her new boyfriend, Jeff Bezos, threw him under the bus amid their selfie scandal. Page Six reported on comments today from Michael Sanchez, the brother of Lauren, in which he said he was wrongly blamed for leaking nude pics between Lauren and Jeff Bezos, the Amazon boss.

Currently, Michael is suing Lauren and Jeff Bezos for defamation in a court of law. According to multiple reports, the pictures were later obtained by the National Enquirer, who supposedly tried to blackmail the Amazon founder.

Michael, during his conversation with reporters from the Daily Mail on Saturday, claimed that he has rolled over for his sister's sake so many times in his life. He's not willing to do it anymore. According to Michael, he never had the photos, to begin with, moreover, the federal investigators cleared him of responsibility.

Michael said that once Amazon and FBI's investigators cleared him of doing anything wrong, he thought he'd at least get a private apology from one of them. But it never happened.

Michael says that neither Jeff nor Lauren has looked back in regret. "I've been thrown under the bus," the brother of Lauren remarked. An insider who spoke with The Daily Mail said that Michael wants a massive apology in the Washington Post.

The insider says that Michael is determined to take Jeff and Lauren to task in a court of law. It "won't be pretty," the source added. As most know, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez were involved in an explicit selfie exchange around the same time as his divorce with MacKenzie Bezos.

The divorce picked up a lot of steam in the press, because of Jeff's massive wealth as a consequence of his success as an entrepreneur. As most know, Amazon is now one of the most successful companies in the world.

According to Wikipedia, Amazon's big boss was worth $148 billion as of June 2020. His wealth may increase as the company continues its domination of the online retailer market.

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