Brooke Shields Shares Her Age-Defying Workout Tips Online

Brooke Shields Shares Her Age-Defying Workout Tips Online
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Brooke Shields has been leaving her fans speechless as the 55-year-old model and actress continues to post-workout tips online. Known as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, Brooke grew up in the spotlight. She knows what it is like to be continually scrutinized and she's kept her statuesque frame in top shape throughout her career. As the mother of two children, Brooke can still wear a bikini and has been showing off her beach body on Instagram.

Brooke has been encouraging people to stay healthy throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and though some gyms opened in several states, the rise in Coronavirus cases has resulted in more closures. Some of the states that opened early are now shutting things again and gyms and fitness centers are first to close. During these times, Brooke is reminding people that it is important to stay healthy — not only for the body but also for the mind.

On Wednesday, Brooke shared a slideshow with her one million Instagram followers where she demonstrated a series of workouts from Ngo Okafor that she was able to do easily from home and with a chair. Brooke shared the following message along with her post.

Wednesday morning workouts with @catchngo are back! Tune in next week at 11am ET and stay active

You may see Brooke do her workout below.

Brooke Shields is six feet tall and at her height, it is important that she continues to keep her bones healthy and strong. It's never to early to take steps to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss and maintain her height. Brooke participates in weight-bearing exercises that are one of the best ways to prevent bone loss.

Brooke is creative and has a home gym with plenty of equipment. She also showed off a new exercise ball that she added to her workout room. You may see Brooke working out with the exercise ball in the video player below.

What do you think about Brooke Shield's workout tips? Do you follow her on Instagram? Have you done any of the home workouts with her?


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