Britney Spears Fans Are Super Confused By Her Post Announcing The Arrival Of 'RED!'

Britney Spears Fans Are Super Confused By Her Post Announcing The Arrival Of 'RED!'
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Britney Spears fans are very confused lately! The pop queen has been teasing the color red on her social media platform of choice, Instagram , for weeks and her newest post did nothing to further clarify what that's about and only raised more questions!

According to Britney, 'RED IS HERE,' but what does that statement even mean?

After all, it looks like her previous posts were building up to this big reveal involving the color somehow but aside from this new picture of her wearing red fingerless gloves and this cryptic caption, there is nothing new and exciting coming from Britney!

Now, as you can imagine, fans rushed to the comment section, begging for someone, anyone, to decode this while some are convinced she's in trouble and this is a coded cry for help.

The pic shows the singer looking straight into the camera while posing with her gloved hands on her face, mysteriously.

On March 23, she shared a post that did not contain any red and yet, the caption read: 'Twisted Elegance … introducing RED.'

She was wearing a lace top in the pics and a few hours after, she also posted a clip in which she was dancing while wearing the exact same outfit as in the snaps.

'No lipstick … blush … or foundation because I was in a rush … but you get the idea !!!!! RED,' she wrote.

Later on that same month, she posted images that did include red this time around, one of them featuring a cat in a red shelving unit and another of a red fridge.

But her post from the other day that seemed to be the big reveal judging by the caption, confused her followers once again.


Here are a couple of the reactions: 'WHAT'S RED BESTIE.' / 'Use me as the 'I don't understand' button,' / 'Ok what is it my luv?'

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