Britney Spears' Boyfriend Sam Asghari Tells Her She's ‘Perfect’ After The Singer Says She Needs To Lose Weight!

Britney Spears' Boyfriend Sam Asghari Tells Her She's ‘Perfect’ After The Singer Says She Needs To Lose Weight!
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Britney Spears took to social media to post a clip of her having a workout in the sun. The singer took this opportunity to talk about getting in shape and revealed some of her secrets.

But while the tips she gave were definitely greatly appreciated by the fans, what really grabbed people’s attention was Britney saying that she has been ‘working hard to lose weight’ and her boyfriend Sam Ashgari’s reaction in the comment section.

Sure enough, the intense workout session proves she is still not happy with her weight, even though Britney is in top shape.

Seeing her video and caption, in which Spears also gushed over Sam’s incredible abs, the dancer showed her some love as well, telling the singer that she is already ‘perfect’ the way she is!

The caption reads in part: ‘I’ve been working really hard to lose weight …. I don’t like doing too much cardio so I really like isolated movement. The key is repetition, but it gets boring so I have a booklet I have made with all of my favorite exercises. I wear headphones usually …. music takes me away. I know I do not look perfect here, but I am working on it. Hopefully one day I will give my boyfriend’s abs a run for their money!!!’

As for Sam’s response, it reads: ‘Perfect as it can be! Lioness always inspiring the world 🙏💪❤️.’ Aww….

Of course, the sweet boyfriend was not the only one to shower her with love and compliments because the fans proceeded to do the same!

Here are a few of their comments: ‘You ARE perfect, Brit!!!! Love you 👑.’ / ‘You are amazing just the way you are and don’t let anyone put you down EVER! 💕🦋.’ / ‘Britney, you look GREAT. You're human who experiences fluctuations just like the rest of us and you're so honest with yourself about how you feel about yourself. Keep doing what makes you happy and we are here to support no matter what. 💗💗💗.’


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