Brian Austin Green Says He's Relieved To Be Eliminated From The Masked Singer - Here's Why!

Brian Austin Green Says He's Relieved To Be Eliminated From The Masked Singer - Here's Why!
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As those who tuned in to the latest episode of The Masked Singer know, it was revealed that none other than Brian Austin Green was hiding inside the giraffe costume, which also means that he was eliminated! However, the actor was not too upset about it, and he explained the reason why he was rather relieved!

During a new interview for E! News, Brian Austin Green was asked how he felt about his time on the popular show being cut short.

In response, he explained that ‘Now that I don't have to keep this a secret's a huge weight off my shoulders.’

When it comes to the whole guessing game on the show, none of the judges could even suspect he was the one in the giraffe costume.

But they were not the only ones not aware of his identity because, according to the actor, he did not tell anyone in his circle either, that he would be part of the show.

‘My mom texted me last night because my niece texted her and was like, 'Oh, Uncle Brian was so good on the show!' And my mom was like, 'I have no idea what you're talking about,’’ Brian shared with the news outlet.

Another reason why he was so glad to be eliminated was the performing in itself, as well, which he described as ‘brutal.’

‘There is no air circulation inside of a mask like that. So to have the mask on, you have this little slit to look through, and then your breath hitting you in the face because it can't escape your mask any more than air can get into your mask,’ the star explained what his experience singing with his mask on.

Brian stressed that while he’s normally not claustrophobic, the costume was admittedly quite restrictive.


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