Brian Austin Green And Megan Fox Reportedly Fought Over How To Parent Their Kids

Brian Austin Green And Megan Fox Reportedly Fought Over How To Parent Their Kids
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Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox's difference in parenting styles may have played a role in their relationship's collapse, a report from Us Magazine revealed.

A source who spoke with the outlet explained that Brian and Megan had a different approach to raising their three children, Journey, Bodhi, and Noah, who are all under the age of 8. It was near the beginning of the month when outlets confirmed that Brian and Megan had officially split up.

During a podcast episode of With Brian Austin Green , the actor explained that he would always love Megan, but they had to part ways. With all that said, they still intend on having family vacations and spending time with their children together, but for now, they'll be living separately.

Brian's revelation and confirmation that they had chosen to split up came not long after both parties were spotted out in public without their wedding bands. Moreover, Megan Fox was also seen hanging around the rapper-turned-actor, Machine Gun Kelly.

Additionally, Megan later appeared in his music video for "Bloody Valentine," in which Megan portrayed a woman who's in an abusive relationship with the performing artist. During a conversation with Rachael Ray in September 2019, Green said he was always the "bad cop" in terms of how they raised their kids.

While on the Rachael Ray Show , Brian claimed that the fact he played the role of the "bad cop" in their family was a point of tension in their romance. However, at that time, Brian said they were getting along well and managing to make things work.

Later, he referred to Megan as a "fantastic mom" and a "fantastic wife." Furthermore, in February of this year, Brian admitted that he and Megan were done having any more kids for now. They first got married in 2010 but then split up five years after.

In June 2016, they were in a relationship once again. Three years later, in April 2019, Megan filed to dismiss their divorce.

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