Blake Shelton Is Planning To Go All In With Gwen Stefani's Wedding Proposal -- Will They Top Kylie Jenner?

Blake Shelton Is Planning To Go All In With Gwen Stefani's Wedding Proposal -- Will They Top Kylie Jenner?
Credit: In Touch Weekly

Sooner than later, Blake Shelton will propose to his longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and the latest report claims that he is planning to go all in.

Some fans are wondering will he be able to compete with Travis Scott who is also working to go in the history books with the way he will ask Kylie Jenner to marry him?

An insider spoke to Hollywood Life and said The Voice coach is cooking up something special and added: “Blake has major plans to propose. Every day he falls more in love with Gwen, everything she does has him falling more and more in love with her.”

The goal is to have the perfect everything for the woman who has renewed his faith in love.

The pal shared: “He has been thinking about the perfect ring, the perfect timing, whether or not he will get on one knee and the perfect wording to ask Gwen to spend the rest of her life with him. Blake has been thinking about all of it and is excitedly waiting for the most romantic moment to change their lives forever. Blake and Gwen have definitely discussed marriage and how they would plan their wedding, but the fact that Gwen isn’t pressuring Blake one bit to rush into things only makes him want to marry her that much more.”

The mother of three knows what is coming and is grateful for her man. A friend of Gwen explained to the media outlet: "Gwen is thankful for Blake and what he’s done for her for many reasons, but she truly was skeptical about finding love again until connecting with Blake. She was afraid to jump into things with him because she was so incredibly hurt from her divorce. Though she has moved on from Gavin, she still deals with the pain and scars of that, which is why she’s happy with where she and Blake are currently at.”

In a recent interview, Gwen said her divorce from Gavin Rossdale left her broken, but she has found real love again and would love to get married one more time.

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