Toni Braxton Reconciles With Birdman On Stage In Viral Video -- Did They Pull A Cardi B?

Toni Braxton Reconciles With Birdman On Stage In Viral Video -- Did They Pull A Cardi B?
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Diva Toni Braxton is saying that Bryan Christopher 'Birdman' Williams was man enough for her because the lovebirds have reconciled in an epic manner, and the moment has gone viral.

The living legend took her much-talked-about tour dubbed As Long As I Live to Atlanta where she performed some of her biggest hits.

As the diva belted her classic tunes, Birdman pulled an Offset and surprised her by appearing on stage to romance her.

The couple had a brief conversation, a few loving gazes, shared a loving embrace before Toni pulled her man and went backstage to seal the deal.

Fans are happy to see Toni back with her fiancé and are hoping to see a wedding soon.

One of them said: "Tbh Birdman always seemed like the chill type. One of the dudes we never really heard about his BM never shaded him. Nothinggggg he probably got Roses in the back 😂😂Toni don't worry about what peoples say or think about your ring remember I said your ring they didn't buy it to continue to live your life and maybe they would let a life and stop worrying about yours haters/jealousy. 👊"

Another commenter shared: "But I thought they broke.......Nevermind. They are putting the money problems aside and putting love first. Yeah, stunna don't let that go..gotta lock that down. Toni showed him "How Many Ways" she could put it on him backstage."

This person had this to say to the iconic R&B singer/songwriter: "WTF are you talking about? It obviously isn't Toni 'Living Legend' Braxton. She has 7 Grammys (not 2) and had a very successful residency in Vegas way before any of your faves. Take him backstage auntie finish himmmmm😜.Nothing like being surprised by someone you still have feelings for/love after having a bad fall out/breakup. ❤️❤️

A fourth supporter said the following: "The way she pulled him and walked off stage though😍😍😍😍 pull me like that PLEASE. Offset take notes! Apologize in private and romanticize in public and with permission. This is very sweet u can see the chemistry. don’t disrespect Toni she def a legend she have one of the greatest song and sold millions and have one of the most unique voices."

Was this a publicity stunt?

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