Blac Chyna's Ex-Friend Claims The Reality Star Stole His Moment As A Rapper

Blac Chyna's Ex-Friend Claims The Reality Star Stole His Moment As A Rapper
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Reported first by Page Six, apparently, the ex-friend of Blac Chyna, Andre Xcellence, claims he was robbed of his coming-out story as a gay rapper.

The Los Angeles entertainer said to Page Six that he and Blac were intending to release a project together, however, Blac bailed at the last minute following thousands of dollars he had sunk into the project.

According to the rapper, he was "her gay," and after working together in his recording studio, they quickly developed a deep friendship and she was a big supporter of his music. Andre says Chyna claimed to be a victim of a black-listing following her split with Rob Kardashian.

Andre said, "she was so upset and talking about how (cruel) they were to her and I believed it. I believed her and all of her nonsense." Xcellence claimed to the outlet that he and Chyna recorded a song together, "What Would Yo Momma Say," and he spent approximately $35,000 making the video.

When it came time to start shooting, Chyna suddenly backed out after going to rehearsals, and one day, she told him she was no longer doing music. Interestingly, the reality star was spotted hanging around Wendy Williams at the Los Angeles Pride parade.

According to Mr. Xcellence, Chyna believes he is the "little guy," and she can do whatever she wants to him and not suffer any kind of immediate consequences. Now, Andre is gearing up to release a new song and music video in which he makes references to the Kardashian family.

As followers of Chyna know, she has been battling with the Kardashian family a lot in the courts following the cancelation of her show with Rob Kardashian on E! Online, Rob & Chyna . Chyna claimed in court documents that the Kardashians axed the series prematurely, and she lost money because of their decision to do so.

The Kardashian family, however, said there was no way the show could go on considering they had broken up. Some sources have claimed friends of Chyna are trying to drop the suit because the Kardashians have huge legal resources at their disposal, and Chyna has no chance of winning.

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