Blac Chyna Is Meeting Her Fans At The Drag Con LA 2019 Starting Today

Blac Chyna Is Meeting Her Fans At The Drag Con LA 2019 Starting Today
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If you wanted to meet Blac Chyna and never had the occasion, you could do it starting today because she will be at the Drag Con LA 2019. She's offering more details in her recent social media post.

'The news is out! Meet me at my booth ❤️ I will be bringing @lashedcosmetics. @rupaulsdragcon LA 2019! I can't wait to see all of your faces so make sure to snatch tickets now before they are gone! #DragCon,' Chyna announced her fans and followers.

The comments section got flooded with heart emojis and kind words for Dream Kardashian and King Cairo's mom.

For instance, someone said, 'She is an amazing model. Love her work.'

Anyway, the most important thing for which Chyna has recently been in the spotlight is that she finally made up with her mom.

As you know, they have been feuding online for quite a while, and a recent event led to these two ladies reuniting and publicly professing their love for one another.

It all started from the interview that Chyna had with Wendy Williams. During her interesting interview with Wendy, the host touched more sensitive subjects such as Tyga and Rob Kardashian, but Chyna addressed them all.

At one point, Chyna said that she is planning a docu-series and she'd like her mom to be part of it.

This resulted in her mother making a video and saying that she would definitely love to be in China's series, and that was all.

In a couple of days, Chyna was already posting many pics and videos with her mom, publicly saying that she loves her.

Needless to say, fans were in awe, and they hope that these two will never fight again.

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