Blac Chyna Fires Back At Wendy Williams After The Talk Show Host Suggests She’s Now Homeless

Blac Chyna Fires Back At Wendy Williams After The Talk Show Host Suggests She’s Now Homeless
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Wendy Williams claimed that Blac Chyna no longer has a place to live and now, the latter is clapping back by showing off her massively expensive car collection and luxurious mansion!

As it turns out, it did not take Chyna too long to prove that she’s definitely not even close to being homeless, despite what Wendy Williams suggested on her talk show earlier today.

Only hours after the episode, the former stripper shared a number of IG Stories in which she flexed her wealth by showing off her cars and giving everyone a tour of her home’s grounds.

With that being said, it was very easy for her to make it clear that not only does she have a place to live, it is also absolutely massive!

It all started with Wendy Williams calling Chyna out while talking about her ex, rapper Tyga.

At that point, she interrupted her guest to say: ‘He has a child with Blac Chyna, right? I told you how Chyna texts me regularly, ‘Can you help me find a condo. I have no place to live.'’

The guest went on to mention that Blac Chyna’s other baby daddy, Rob Kardashian, has lowered his child support for their daughter, Dream.

As for Tyga, he apparently doesn’t usually send any for his son, King Cairo.

‘Single mother of two, can I find her a place to live. It was random. Maybe she sent a blast to everybody she knows, cause it didn’t say ‘Dear Wendy.’ I didn’t answer it. I don’t want to be involved,’ Wendy dished.

Then, Chyna’s video came and in it, she showed off her 5 cars including Lamborghini and a G-Wagon.

Over the clip, she also wrote the lyrics to her own song titled, fittingly enough, Cash Only.


‘Ain’t no sense in lying, I don’t call nobody mine. And I ain’t checking for nobody either, I promise I’m fine. I’d rather chase money to spend ’cause I can’t see myself spending time. I don’t need one on my side ’cause I can’t be worried ’bout you when I’m busy tryna get mine.’


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