Wendy Williams Will Return To Host Her Eponymous Show After A Two Month Break

Wendy Williams Will Return To Host Her Eponymous Show After A Two Month Break
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According to a new report, Wendy Williams, 54-years-old, is reportedly coming back to her eponymous television show on the 4th of March. As most know, she hasn't been the host for approximately two months, first beginning in December.

The series' production company, Debmar-Mercury, said in a statement on Thursday that they couldn't wait to have Williams back in her purple chair. Wendy's brief hiatus has been the source of much controversy ever since it first began near the ending of 2018.

As her replacement, Nick Cannon was just one of several who stepped in. Thus far, Nick's time on the show has been praised, and sources claim that the staff and Williams' employees liked having him around a lot. As it was previously reported, Wendy had to leave the show as a consequence of her Graves' disease.

She was initially hospitalized but then was seen hanging around a friend in Florida. As the weeks went by, rumors circulated regarding her husband and his supposed abusive behavior. Wendy was able to find great replacements, including Cannon, Michael Rapaport, and Jerry O'Connell.

In a statement, Wendy thanked the production company, Debmar-Mercury, as well as her staff for holding the place down while she was gone. It was reported previously by multiple publications that Wendy was in talks for getting fired, but it seems like those reports were a complete fabrication, or at the very least, an exaggeration.

An insider claimed that her staff and co-workers were glad to have her out of the place, due to Wendy's supposedly "diva-esque" behavior, in addition to her belief that the show couldn't go on without her. A source said Wendy began to fear for her job after Nick replaced her and the staff loved it.

Although, it's unclear if any of those reports were true. One thing is for certain, though, and that is the inevitable return of the infamous talk show host. While some delighted in her absence on social media, most of her fans have greatly missed Wendy's "real talk-style" attitude.

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