Blac Chyna Debuts New Blue Hair While Wishing Fans A Happy New Year

Blac Chyna Debuts New Blue Hair While Wishing Fans A Happy New Year
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Blac Chyna shared a video on her social media account in which she wishes us a Happy and Blessed New Year. She seems happy and unbothered while rocking a short new bob. We have to admit that this look suits her flawlessly.

One of her fans wished a better year to Chyna: 'Happy new year chy ? hope 2019 is better than 2018 for you ? ly girl @blacchyna.'

Another follower posted 'Is it me or did she put weight on? Or was she posting old pics this entire time?'

Someone else said 'Love you ❤️ I wish you started getting on snap again I miss your hood side.'

One of Chyna's fans was quite sad and here's how they answered to Chyna's question: 'I do, but I can't afford it, so I put dem on the cart and then log out, someday I will be about to click check out..'

A supporter recalled the Chyna's show and that she used to do online shopping: 'I remember on your show on E! network you always used to have your moments of doing online shopping.'

One of her fans had a problem with Chyna's light skin and asked this: 'Who else is wondering what happened to all her melanin. ?'

Speaking of her skin, she got slammed by people just recently after a video of herself and her new BF Kid Boo surfaced online. Followers were wondering what happened to her dark skin and how come she got so light.

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