Porsha Williams Praises Her Private Chef For Putting Smiles Oh Her Family's Faces

Porsha Williams Praises Her Private Chef For Putting Smiles Oh Her Family's Faces
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Porsha Williams adores to eat these days, and we have to remember that the gorgeous RHOA star is currently eating for two. She is expecting her very first baby with her fiance Dennis McKinley and the bundle of joy is expected soon.

In her latest post on Instagram, Porsha shows off the tasty food she entered in the new year with, and she's praising her cook for taking care of her and the whole family and cooking with love for them.

'??We started the New with nothing less than the best! Thank you @chefraziasabour for cheffing it up for us and always being so sweet and putting smiles on my family face from eating food made with love !!!' Porsha captioned her post which includes a photo and two videos.

Someone commented 'Man I wish I was there, the dude and his lady spoke for us, the food is good. And when you have two forks, you know its good.'

Another follower asked Porsha when will she give birth to her baby: 'When are you due?? (Asking from Australia) Hoping it all goes well for your new FAMILY xoxo.'

Someone had an interesting proposition for Porsha: 'Damn! You should invite 5 of your favorite fans to your house for a special baby shower and make sure that chef if there!!'

Someone else also wants a bite from the tasty food: 'I ain't gonna lie, I wanna a plate and more. Shoot idk what a lot of ppl are complaining about the food for, I'll eat it, and everything looks really healthy.?'

Another follower said '@porsha4real, please make your own show on bravo!!! Your the only on everyone wants to watch!!'

Porsha recently made her fans laugh really hard with a new post.

She shared a video with her BFF, another new mom, Shamea Morton. Porsha is holding her baby Shya in her arms, and the bundle of joy gets closer to her breast.

This is the moment when the women bursts into laughter, saying that little Shya wants to steal PJ’s (Porsha’s baby) milk.

Porsha also made sure to praise her fiance these days and declare her love for him online.

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