Beyoncé Was Paid Less Money Than Ariana Grande To Perform At Coachella -- Is There An Explanation For Discrepancy?

Beyoncé Was Paid Less Money Than Ariana Grande To Perform At Coachella -- Is There An Explanation For Discrepancy?
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The Beyhive is buzzing after it was revealed that Beyoncé was paid only half of what Ariana Grande got to perform at Coachella.

Last year, Beyoncé took over the music festival, which was temporarily dubbed "Beychella" where she delivered an epic HBCU-themed performance. The live performance was released as a documentary called Homecoming via Netflix.

This year, Ariana brought out N'Sync (sans Justin Timberlake) and Nicki Minaj during what fans called "Aricella."

Beyoncé made history as the first black woman to headline the festival and Ariana is the youngest.

While Ariana was paid $8 million for her show, Jay-Z's wife only got $4 million for her gig, and her fans are out for blood.

One supporter of the Texas diva said the following about the surprising news: "Because Beyoncé came in last year and did her thing and kind of set the bar, basically Coachella becomes a competition, which is ridiculous. And strong artists should just come in and do their own thing and just be who they are. And that's pretty much what Ariana has done. There's not like there's a bunch of gags. She's being Ariana and singing and doing her thing."

This critic claimed Ariana is more relevant and should get more money. The music lover said: "No shade but is she really getting paid double for not doing even a quarter of what Beyoncé did? Pls, tell me this isn’t real. Beyonce is overrated... when was the last time Beyonce put out a song?? Oh yeah. It’s 2019 can we stop acting like Beyoncé is better than everyone? There’s nothing special about her."

This person said they both deserve praises and added: "Ariana worked hard, and she deserved every penny she got don’t @ me thank you. Why y’all surprised Ariana is just as successful 🤷🏾‍♀️ why can’t we just uplift anothergessshhh congrats Ari baby. 😘❤️"

This fan stated: "Well the Queen 👑 bags or secured either way it goes she ain’t worrying about what the next person get paid trust me she rich believe me 🐝. Beyoncè is an African American woman; it does not matter how good of an entertainer you are. They see color, not her credentials."

It is safe to say that Beyoncé was right when she said girls run the world.

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