Beyonce Puts Her Backside On Full Display In Latex Bodysuit

Beyonce Puts Her Backside On Full Display In Latex Bodysuit
Credit: Source: Ivy Park/Icy Park

Beyonce is putting her backside on full display in new photos that she's sharing to promote her Icy Park line. Sharing the pictures on her official Instagram account, where the 39-year-old mother of three has 166 million followers, Beyonce modeled the new Adidas/Ivy Park (Icy Park) latex bodysuit with several outfits and poses. She looked stylish and showcased her famous curves, including her full backside. The photos have gone viral and have more than a million likes. Besides her latex bodysuit, Beyonce wore the Monochrome Track Jacket, Track Pants, and hat. The outfit is comfortable and comes in an array of sizes including plus. With an oversized fit, all body types can wear the line.

However; it wasn't the track pants and jacket that caused the photos to go viral; it was Beyonce's photos of her backside!

Besides the modeling shots where Beyonce looked as if she was ready to walk the runway, she posed in the latex bodysuit that quickly sold out. The bodysuit is in the color, wild brown, and retails for approximately $70. Available in sizes from small to plus, the bodysuit is made from polyurethane film and features a thong back.

Beyonce posed in the bodysuit while wearing a pair of matching, latex knee-high boots. You may see the photos that Beyonce shared below.

Source: Beyonce/Instagram

Besides the latex bodysuit, Beyonce also posed in the Adidas X Ivy Park Monogrammed top and thong bottoms. She showed off her figure in another series of poses that included Beyonce sitting on a white blanket while looking at the camera, posing on her knees while holding onto her hip, and kneeling with her backside in full view.

You may see a photo of the front view of the latex bodysuit Beyonce wore below.

Have you seen Beyonce's full Adidas X Ivy Park collection? What do you think about the latex bodysuit? Are you a fan of the latex look?


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