Paris Hilton And Saweetie Paint The Town Pink In Juicy Couture

Paris Hilton And Saweetie Paint The Town Pink In Juicy Couture
Credit: Source: Paris Hilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton and Saweetie are going viral for their recent spotting. Saweetie shared a video of herself with Paris while riding in her Bentley convertible on her official TikTok account and it's since gone viral. Paris also shared a photomontage from the girls' day out and spoke about the pink Juicy Couture sweatsuits they wore. The two women are close friends and Saweetie's set the video to her song "Best Friends" which features Doja Cat. Comments that Saweetie, 27, was best friends with the 40-year-old DJ and heiress flooded social media.

As Saweetie's TikTok video went viral, so did Paris Hilton 's photomontage where she showed off the two women's vintage-themed outfits. Both Paris and Saweetie wore the Juicy Couture Anniversary hoodie and matching track pants. The hoodie retails for approximately $150 and the pants cost about $99. The outfit celebrates Juicy Couture's 25th year anniversary. The outfit is selling out quickly since Paris and Saweetie wore the outfit in photos and videos. Saweetie also shared a video clip on her official Instagram account and referred to Paris Hilton as her bestie.

You may see the TikTok video that Saweetie shared of the duo below.

Fans also wanted details on Paris Hilton's outfit including the purse she held along with her footwear. Paris wore a pair of hot pink booties with black hearts. The footwear is the Heart Print Rockstud Bodytech Booties from Valentino. The booties retail for approximately $1400 but are selling out in multiple outlets since Paris wore them in the photos and videos.

Juicy Couture isn't the only vintage-styled velour tracksuits that Paris Hilton has worn. She recently starred alongside Kim Kardashian in a campaign as the pair wore the latest Skims velour tracksuits .

You may see the photos that Paris Hilton posted on Twitter below.

What do you think about Saweetie and Paris Hilton in their Juicy Couture anniversary outfits? Do you like the suits? Were you surprised to see the two in the video together?


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