Beyoncé Planning To Shop At Target ‘More Often’ After Unexpected Appearance There - Here's Why!

Beyoncé Planning To Shop At Target ‘More Often’ After Unexpected Appearance There - Here's Why!
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Fans were surprised to see none other than Beyonce being relatable by shopping at Target. However, one source tells HollywoodLife that she is not planning her affordable shopping spree to be a one-time thing.

According to the insider, Bey has not only been to the department store before, she is totally willing to repeat the experience in the future too!

‘She likes doing what everyone finds regular because she wants to do regular things herself from time to time. It can’t always be glitz and glamour,’ the source went on to explain for the news outlet.

Apparently, going to places like Target means something special for the superstar.

‘It makes Beyoncé feel normal doing normal things like shopping at Target. She actually would love to do more of it. She misses regular life sometimes and it keeps her grounded. To be connected to real life is something that Beyoncé cherishes so chances are we will see her out and about again just living her life.’

So who knows? Maybe next time you’re out shopping, you might just run into Queen Bey!

When she appeared at that particular Target on Monday, Beyonce was not alone!

Her firstborn, daughter Blue Ivy was with her as well, and that makes sense since previous insider reports have claimed she wants to raise her young ones in an as normal as possible environment as well.

Still, people were shocked to meet the artist at Target, and even fellow celebs reacted to it, Chrissy Teigen having a very funny comment on the whole thing.

‘Beyonce you are so silly, I can just send you my new knives!!’ she jokingly tweeted after the news spread.

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