Beyoncé Is Proud Of her Little Sister Solange Knowles After She Makes History With New York City Ballet Composition

Beyoncé Is Proud Of her Little Sister Solange Knowles After She Makes History With New York City Ballet Composition
Credit: Dia Dipasupil

The Knowles household is just overflowing with talent that knows no boundaries. Solange Knowles has recently done something that's never been done before, by becoming the first black female composer for the New York City Ballet in history.

Solange Knowles was tasked with creating the score for  "Play Time" by choreographer Gianna Reisen which would be performed at the 10th Fall Fashion Gala at Lincoln Center and Solange created such a score that it ended up becoming one of the most amazing aspects of the performance in the end.

Of course, such an incredible and historic achievement is not to be celebrated alone and the Knowles family understands that which is why Solange's older sister Beyoncé and mother Knowles-Lawson showed up in the front row to celebrate Solange's big day.

Later on, both women took to Instagram to post tributes to Solange.

Beyonce posted a picture of Solange holding flowers after the show with the caption reading as follows:

"My beloved sister, there are no words to express the pride and admiration I have for you. You are a visionary and one of one. Congratulations on being the first African American woman to compose for the New York City Ballet. The piece you composed is phenomenal. I love you deep.

Might I suggest you don’t f*** with my sis."

The mom of the two sisters had much more to say, and posted several pictures from the night with the lengthy caption reading as follows:

"Two nights ago me and Beyonce flew to New York for a very special night our baby Solange Piaget Knowles killed it at the New York ballet you see she composed a beautiful piece of Music for the Ballet ! Yes and it was breathtaking , the costumes were the most beautiful I've ever seen and and the dancers and choreography incredible !!! The collaboration between the three people was nothing short of brilliant . Every aspect, the best it could be! Beyonce and me and a host of friends screamed our heads off with crazy amounts of pride. Solange continues to kick down doors and make space for women of color in places that we have never been!!! The audacity to feel that you belong in any and every place that exist if we so desire! To have done the hard work and have the talent and tenacity and drive you can do anything! Hi hat has always been her belief system ! Yes and it inspires women of color to occupy those spaces unapologeticly !! I love you my pumpkin❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🌹🌹 choreographed by Gianna Reisen ❤️Designer Alejandro Gomez"


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