Ben Stiller Reflects On The Time He Had 'Jitters' While Making Meet The Parents With Robert De Niro

Ben Stiller Reflects On The Time He Had 'Jitters' While Making Meet The Parents With Robert De Niro
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Greg Focker was utterly terrified of Robert De Niro 's character in Meet The Parents , but it turns out that Ben Stiller was also afraid, the actor who portrayed Greg. During his appearence on Today this Wednesday, Ben admitted to feeling nervous when he first started working with Robert De Nero.

While laughing, Ben Stiller said he was nervous, and Bob, also known as Robert De Niro , didn't do anything to help him "out there" either. Fans of the cult comedy know De Niro, Stiller, Blythe Danner, and Teri Polo just reunited to celebrate the movie's 20th anniversary.

According to Ben, he can still remember the first time he met with De Niro, who portrayed the character's worst nightmare as a father-in-law. Ben clams the first time he met with Robert, he was at his doorstep, and he said it was a "nice house," while looking at the home.

He says Robert looked behind himself as if he wondered what Ben was looking at. According to De Niro, Ben did a great job, but he has a certain way of dealing with things with a "deadpan expression or whatever."

The actors and actresses also commented on the classic scene in which Greg Focker demonstrates how to milk a cat. Ben's character imitates milking a cat in the movie, and Robert's character says, "I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?"

Fans of the movie know that it came with a number of sequels as well, including Meet The Fockers. The film demonstrated that Robert De Niro was more than capable of making excellent comedy films as well after a long career starring in more serious roles.

Ben Stiller was last in the headlines when he commented on Zoolander , which has become a cult comedy over the last decade and a half. The movie was a box office failure at the time, which critics claimed had to do with the fact September 11th was around the same time.

Ben claimed there have been a lot of calls for him to remove Melania and Donald Trump from the movie, but he says he won't be doing that.

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