Rose McGowan Responds To Jeffrey Toobin Masturbation Scandal

Rose McGowan Responds To Jeffrey Toobin Masturbation Scandal
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Page Six says Rose McGowan is calling out the "liberal intellectuals" who supposedly rushed to Jeffrey Toobin's defense after he was caught masturbating over a Zoom call with a woman. Rose said that if a woman was caught doing the same thing, she would be "burned at the stake."

On Tuesday, the Twitter activist asked what would've happened if it was a woman who masturbated on a Zoom call, or rather, a conservative or a liberal woman, or even a woman of color. Rose said there would be no "intellectuals" rushing to defend her.

Reportedly, Toobin is a legal analyst over at CNN, and he has been relieved of his duties at the network. He claimed he was caught in an "embarrassingly stupid mistake." Toobin later said to Vice that he didn't realize people could see him on the Zoom call.

He claimed he thought his screen was private, and he didn't realize people could see what he was up to. As most know, McGowan has been very active in matters of sexual assault and harassment ever since she came forward with allegations against Harvey Weinstein back in late 2017.

According to McGowan, who spoke with The Guardian, she was asked whether a male director ever came forward to defend her, and she said, "No. Of course not. Never, they're weak."

Obviously, this wouldn't be the first time Rose stood up for what she believed in regarding sexual harassment and abuse. Earlier this year, the star was in the headlines when she called for people like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew to suffer the same fate as Harvey Weinstein.

Followers of the Epstein scandal know both men were intimately involved with Jeffrey Epstein, for instance, Andrew has been photographed hanging out with Jeffrey on a number of occasions. Additionally, it's been reported that Bill Clinton rode with Jeffrey Epstein on a private plane over 17 times.

Prince Andrew was relieved from his duties in the royal family recently amid the Epstein scandal. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's purported collaborator, is said to have crucial information on Andrew's involvement.

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